Mummy and Daddy

Posted: 03/04/2013 in Poetry

I sit outside the garden, mummy and daddy pushing up daises.

I remember the day they left – “a quick death” I heard uncle tell auntie.

I still don’t understand why auntie wepty wept for mummy and daddy – “they are up above in the clouds eating toffee apples and candy” uncle told me.

I miss them sometimes, like last week when uncle stroked me. “Grown up, now” he said, which made me happy. “Our secret” as he washed away the icky trickle.

I remember mummy’s hugs and daddy’s kisses, so much of them I miss.

But more good news from uncle – he promised to send me to them next week when auntie is away.

“More adult games” he said, “Then I’ll send you on your way.”

See you soon Mummy. See you soon Daddy.

  1. My goodness, I wasn’t expecting that! That was the most disturbing piece I’ve read in a while. Actually feel nauseous.

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