We apologize for the delay

Posted: 16/07/2013 in Poetry

I gave my Iphone a name, listening to it play back the tracks that take me back to years gone by.

I sigh as the platform reads “Train delays” but Iphone is alive, one song at a time, some with beats and some that rhyme.

A crowd come down the stairs and they too stare, letting out a tut as two more minutes escape, joining me in the wait to get home from another day in the rat race.

Iphone chooses the wrong song that reminds me of a time I had urged to die. Years gone by where I fought back the cries but still they came, trickling down from my eyes and unmasking my disguise.

More people shift along waiting for HM Central line but nowhere in sight. Anxious faces exemplifying their plight of two more minutes wasted.

Muffled microphone interrupts Iphone – we all stare up looking for the sound, abound by words we expect to reflect our desires to retire to our homes alone.

“We apologize for the delay” I hear him say “but there has been a suicide on the tracks, third one today.”

“Tut” one spits, “Tut” another chimes. “Tut” another decides, “Tut” now a relentless tide. I look and see faces, but no features, voices, distinctions.

“Tut” I hear myself chip, “that’s why I need you Iphone” I quip, “to silence the crowd.”

We all read “Train arriving” and Iphone plays back the tracks that take me back to years gone by, when no one helped me through suicide.


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